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BTA Cargo has its own warehouse of around 4000 m2 situated near Zakroczym, about 30 km to the north of Warsaw. Its unquestionable asset is the location – just at the intersection of two main national routes: Warsaw - Gdańsk and Warsaw - Płock - Toruń. The warehouse is open 7 days a week / 24 hours a day.

We also have several rented locations situated and equipped especially for the needs of particular projects as well as individual clients’ requirements.

We have experience in packaging and customizing services starting from simple promotional projects for FMCG sector to advanced solutions requiring expertise in chemical trade including liquid products. We collect large consignments of goods from our clients’ suppliers which are then packed and customized into units of chosen size according to the clients’ request.

We offer a wide range of reloading services in following lines:
- vehicle - vehicle
- vehicle - warehouse - vehicle
- vehicle - shipping container
- vehicle - warehouse – shipping container
- shipping container - vehicle
- shipping container- warehouse - vehicle
- shipping container- shipping container

The offer applies to neutral cargo as well as hazardous goods (including liquids).

We are an integral participant of a global supply chain. We provide complex distribution services in the territory of Poland preceded by the following supplementary services:
- efficient assembling and packing
- attaching promotional materials to shipments
- collection of reusable packaging
- creation of just-in-time deliveries to final destinations on a very attractive price level

Our transport services are based on our own fleet as well as on the cooperation with trusted partners. We offer full truckloads as well as general cargo. Owing to the developed planning system we can guarantee the safety of the cargo and its timely delivery. With our modern means of transport and many years of experience of our personnel we can satisfy the most demanding clients.

Logistics consultancy is a specific service we offer to our clients. Experience we have gathered for over a dozen years - on the side of global commercial and production companies as well as a logistic operator helps us optimise our processes. Our team more and more often works together with logistic departments of our key clients in order to create tailor-made solutions to improve particular processes.

Our ties with the chemical sector result from our educational background, professional experience and above all an excellent reputation we have among producers and distributors of chemical products in Poland and in Europe.

To meet the needs of our clients and our transport partners we have decided to introduce the washing service of means of transport and packaging, while investing in modern equipment and infrastructure.

Washing service applies to the neutral products group but most of all to all kinds of hazardous goods (ADR).

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